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Alexander Henry High School

Hey People.... As you can tell I go to the thing is it's awesome, Everyone that goes there im friends with and this year it's going to be even better because im going into grade 11 and yea I love everyone first year there was the best, I made alot of friends when I first with there...All of the teachers are great to me anyways i dunno about everyone else...I dont know why everyone makes the henry a bad name cauz "stupid people" go there well does it look like im a "stupid person" no and if you think i am well dont bother with been at the hank for 3 years now and it always feel my first year...i dont know why but it does....When it is brake there its soo fun all you do is walk around like doing loser laps in a and go outside for a smoke well if you do smoke... and talk about what ever you want...yell in the and I do that alot....The big mouths lol and no not in a sick way an other reason I like the hank is because you can get a mark for doing ur hair and thats cosmo it's awesome....I did it all last year and I just might do it again this year because its fun well if your a gurl!! lol and besides the work ain't hard thats an other reason im there....I dont feel like doing 3 hours of homework when after school should be your time not school time...your there anyways I think I have enough to say about the hank who ever goes to the hank and vistes my page you guys are awesome love you guys all!!!!!!

If anyone is going to the hank this year dont worry about anything Im always there If you need a hand there you go im here like I said!!!!