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~*Shawna's Personal Site*~

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~*Friends Of Mine*~

People I Can Trust & Talk To!!!

  • Tiara- She's been there for me more times then I could count, your the greatest chick ever you will always be my g/f and my parents will always be your parents, I will never forget you hun!!! Love ya tones!!!We had awesome times at B&A!!! Congrads On Being A new mommy!!!!
  • Jayda- Your the hyperest chick ever but I love Remeber's your song lol....awesome eh??lol j/k I love the laugh that you, nadine and I's soo awesome hahah....Don't drop out of high school again or I will kick your ass!! I will help you through it!! Love ya tones!!!You had too much fun at B&A(humping peoples legs lol)Congrads on being A new Mommy
  • Ashley Burch- Remeber the coffee shop when you wrote letters on the inside of my smoke will never forget about those ones lol you and I had some good times at B&A, your the greatest you've been there when I had my bad time and I thank you for that Hun!! Love ya bebes!!!Remember the American guys they were pretty funny people!!!The one falling out of his chair!!!lol!!Pink is the new Orange!!
  • Nadine- CHICKIE!!!lol we have had some pretty awesome times during this summer laughing our asses off over nothing lol hahah....I hope your going back to school cauz if you don't ill go after you j/k I wont but I will yell at you for not getting an education...Remember us dancing at B&A on Saturday nights??....that was the best!!! You have always been there and I was always there for you Love ya tones Never forget the memories we have had!!!
  • Justine- Hey Chickie....I miss when we hanged out together...we got too do that again getting old lol....I can't wait to see you when we go back too's gonna be awesome this year Love ya tones I'll never forget all the memories we have had and still more to come!!!
  • Jamie Anderson- Am I not funny when im all screwed up...I will never forget when I was going to across the street on Bay street and im in the middle of the street and I look at you and then I look at all the cars coming right at me then start running alway lol that was soo funny....Your the greatest guy to talk to and I have to thank you sooo much for helping me through everything Love ya tones I will never forget you when I have something to smoke...I will call you up and tell you to get your ass over to my place lol!!! Congrads on being a new Daddy!!!
  • Powder- Hey babes....You and I had awesome times together either with friends or alone if you know what I mean lol Your a really great friend Thanks alot of helping me with everything....your opinions were a great help to me...I wont forget the awesome times we had and yea I will keep in touch with you like on the phone Love ya tones!!!
  • Steph M- You will always be a friend to me no matter what even tho were not talking anymore because of a dumass and no I dont think your a bitch your baby boy is getting soo big (Iassc) He will always be a nephew to me and I will always be an aunt to him...I hope everything works out for you later on in life Thanks for everything that you have done(even tho you wont see dont have a computer) but one of these's days I will say this to you in person!!!
  • Jeff M- Hey guy....You better go to school this year....But dont worry your awesome....skinny the greatest when you are all fucked up it's the funny shit!! Love ya tones!!!
  • Jerry S- Hey soo sorry for that time on your 16th Birthday and no I wont explain it on sweetest guy ever...all the memories we have had lol but there is much more to come if you ever come vist me down town more often Love ya Tones!!!
  • Jake P- Hey time it's the weekend it's always awesome because your in the have to move back here soon....Don't worry about everyone else....ohhh ohhh you love ya tones!!!
  • Deanne-Hey Chick.....It's gonna be so awesome when we start school every break smoke some "hoots" lol haha funny shit ur the greatest i hope you and craig stay together for a long time you guys are the perfect couple its soo great i missed you all summer....but i did see you once over the summer  that was a great time man...Love ya tones chickie....yea i know we miss sam soo
  • Renee- belly looks soo cute when i first saw it i was like holy man thats awesome shit....i hope you and josh are being there all the way for ya and dont for get that....LIL NAE that was some great times we had at St. Marks....ill never for get all the memeories we have had and there is still alot more to come love ya tones chickie....and Good Luck to ya both on the new born coming...
  • Duffy- Hey buddy....dont be soo hard on your self have fun and be your self thats the best i can say for ya....just keep your big head up and open your eyes dont be soo low on your self im always here for ya...
  • Cory B- When I first met were a pretty shy guy but now u could say anything and you dont care thats the greatest but now ur leaving soon and it seems like I just met you yesterday and thats soo sad but yea I dont want you to go...ur a fun guy to be around at school and talking to you online..I hope to be talking to you online alot more than ever..Im gonna miss you but ur the best ever BFFL!!!
  • Jade- Thats so awesome that we have known each other since grade nine and we still talk lol sorry im hyper.....ur a great friend and I hope to be friends for alot longer and when we hang out in the halls at school its the greatest and in law class lol thats soo funny in there but ur a awesome chick hoping to be talking till we are old and gray lol j/k!!!
  • Amanda B- Awww walking in the halls with you is the greatest but now we can't since you have the cutest baby in the world awww I hope to be seeing you soon back in the halls with me......Congrads on being a new mommy love ya tones!!!!
  • And anyone i miss just give me a message and i will put your name in my personal web page  k ppl....

Love you guys All!!!